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Print and Online Advertising


The IDEA19 Show Directory is a four-color, high quality publication distributed to each attendee. The Show Directory contains the conference program details and lists each exhibiting company, booth numbers, contact information, and a 25-word company description. Attendees rely on the Show Directory to navigate the show floor and keep as a reference for the next two years.


Video Ad Package
$4,000 Member / $5,200 Non-Member each

Stand out from the crowd with this attention-grabbing package that includes a banner ad that links to a landing page with a video.  
Features and benefits include:
  • Rotating banner ads
  • Video embed
  • Highlight your brand, products, services, booth or show specials
  • Bring your own creative, or use our creative services team for a fee
  • Banner ad is shown in the app pre-event, during the event and post-event
  • Analytics

$3,000 Member / $3,900 Non-Member each

Attendees will see your advertisement with your corporate logo and messaging via smart phone and/or tablet. The IDEA19 app is the ideal method for show information, including a scalable floor plan, directions, company descriptions, and booth numbers.  Banner ads rotate at the top of the app’s dashboard and online planner and clicks through to an in-app landing page.
Features and benefits include:
  • Highlight your brand, products, services, booth or show specials
  • Rotating banner ads
  • Banner ads link to a complimentary landing page which include a link to your booth listing or website
  • Bring your own creative, or use our creative services team for a fee
  • Banner ad is shown in the app pre-event, during the event and post-event
  • Analytics

$2,000 Member / $2,600 Non-Member each

Highlight the products that you came to promote, right in the app! Position your products for in app engagement.
Features and benefits include:
  • Up to 4 thumbnail product images, name and company name within the featured product list on the app dashboard
  • Full length product description
  • Product listing links to exhibitor profiles
  • Analytics

$995 Member / $1,295 Non-Member each (Five Per Day Available)
- when you purchase an IDEA19 Mobile App Banner Ad or Video Ad Package

Get your message top of mind and at the right time for attendees to take an action, come to your booth or show up at your event.
Features and benefits include:
  • Subject line can include up to 29 characters to grab the attention of your audience
  • Body of the message can be scrolled for lengthier messages
  • Can contain an outbound link
  • Most recent alert appears at the top of the Dashboard page and all alerts are saved in the message center
  • Analytics

IDEA19 WEbsite Advertising

Connect and invite 29,000 + visitors each month to your IDEA booth*. INDA’s print, direct mail and digital marketing campaign coupled with enhanced search engines drive industry professionals to your message on the IDEA19 website. Your digital advertising starts working for you as soon as it’s posted and ends March 28, 2019.

IDEA Home Page Large Banner
$5,000 Member / $6,600 Non-Member each

Large Banner:  (875px W x 250px H)
One advertisement available on IDEA19 Home page

IDEA Home Page Medium Banner
$2,500 Member / $3,250 Non-Member each

Medium Banner: (350px W x 180px H)
Two advertisements are available on IDEA19 Home page

Box Ad
$1,250 Member / $1,625 Non-Member each

Box Ad: (250px W x 130px H)
Three advertisements are available on IDEA19  Conference page

* Data based on Google Analytics IDEA2016.

$1,200 Member / $1,560 Non-Member each

Exhibitors may highlight their presence at IDEA19 via email or postal mail to INDA's IDEA19 registered attendees for a fee. Exhibitors may provide HTML files to INDA before March 1, 2019 so INDA may send out the email on the exhibitor's behalf. The fee to mail printed promotional documents will include additional mailing costs. Exhibitors should provide their printed promotional documents to INDA's bonded mail house.

The deadline for delivery to the mail house is February 15, 2019.

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